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UWAP has been publishing poetry since 2008. We started with Martin Harrison’s Wild Bees. In his introduction to this volume of new and selected poems he notes that reviewers had written  that his work was all about ‘seeing and the senses, momentariness, with the integrations of things in a world of change and flux’. We followed with volumes by Emily Ballou, Peter Rose, Rose Lucas, Paul Hetherington, Christine Evans, Kate Lilley, Lisa Jacobson, Beth Spencer, Susan Varga, Paul Carter, Kristin Henry and Geoffrey Lehmann.

 We also launched our Australian Poetry Classics series to put twentieth century poets shamefully out of print back into print: Francis Webb, John Shaw Neilson, Dorothy Hewett, Lesbia Harford, and Anna Wickham so far, with more to come.

In 2016 when the Minister for Arts George Brandis blew up arts funding in the poetry publishing sector (amongst other arts sectors) we stood up and created a poetry series to give another chance for poetry publication in Australia. Since October 2016 when we launched the series, we have released 34 volumes. They have been well reviewed and received and sold in healthy quantities.

 We are offering for one week a blanket 40% off all poetry titles which includes the customary free postage (using the code on our Poetry page).

Click here to see our full range of poetry -  your discount will be applied at the checkout!

Offer valid from May 27 to June 2 2019.

Additionally you can buy the set of 34 volumes in the series (with their distinctively designed covers) for a one-off discount of $320, or 10 for $120, or 20 for $220—you’ll need to email us to make the selection and transaction for these extra special offers.


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