What Lies Beneath Matters

The What Lies Beneath Matters series presents the proven methods used by psychologist and author Grace da Camara and Madalena Bennett. Based on extensive experience with ADHD in both individual and group settings, including the OnTrac program developed by Grace for teens and tweens with ADHD, the two workbooks and program book contain a wealth of knowledge, education and inspiration. These practical books are user-friendly and contains a variety of quizzes, stories and games. It can be used in group therapy, one-on-one therapy, or on your own. It will help you understand and take responsibility for your ADHD; learn adaptive thinking skills for coping; and learn skills to better manage your ADHD and cope with the many transitions inherent in this development phase. The topics covered include: organisation and time management, emotions and ADHD, anger management, exploring values, goal setting and problem-solving, and many more.