A Combined Parent-Child Program for Children aged 7-10 with ADHD | What Lies Beneath Matters

A Combined Parent-Child Program for Children aged 7-10 with ADHD | What Lies Beneath Matters

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Grace da Camara and Madalena Bennett

In What Lies Beneath Matters registered psychologist Grace da Camara and her GP-daughter Dr Madalena Bennett share their personal experiences and first-hand knowledge of managing the day-to-day challenges of raising a child with ADHD. Fuelled by their own struggles, the two have developed a hands-on, practical tool for parents and children to help manage the impact of ADHD on the family.


This self-help workbook and guide is part of the OnTrac ADHD program, designed for parents and their children aged between 7 and 10 years old. The program’s proven methods and techniques are based on Grace’s work with children with ADHD in both individual and group settings. Through the OnTrac program, Grace found that a collaborative approach involving the child, parents, and services could achieve meaningful and significant reductions in ADHD symptoms.


What Lies Beneath Matters is specifically designed to help improve the quality of parent-child interaction and foster a more informed understanding of the child’s thinking ability, motivation, and values. By sharing their own experiences and the successes of the OnTrac program, Grace and Madalena provide realistic, practical, and useful information to young children with ADHD and their parents. With a focus on improving the relationship between parent and child, this book offers hope to families struggling with ADHD.


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