John Kinsella inducted into the WA Writers Hall of Fame

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Congratulations to John Kinsella for being inducted into the WA Writers Hall of Fame!

Last Friday at the WA Premier's Book Awards author, activist, and renowned poet John Kinsella was inducted into the Western Australian Writers Hall of Fame for his decades of contribution to WA literature. Kinsella is the 20th inductee into the hall of Fame. Gail Jones, award-winning WA novelist and academic, was also inducted on the night as the 19th inductee. UWAP's publisher, Kate Pickard, was especially proud to introduce John on the night and UWAP are honoured to be the publisher of John's Collected Poems.

Congratulations to all of the shortlisted writers and winners.


From John's acceptance speech:

"Part of my life's work and mission has been to work towards the just return of Country. I come from a colonial heritage and I see it as my responsibility to address that and to rectify as much as I can. So my writing is very much orientated around addressing the incredible wrongs of colonialism. That's probably the prime marker and that goes along with, and is inseparable from, a massive respect for the natural environment."

Watch the recording of Kate's introduction and John's acceptance speech.


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Over 3 volumes, Kinsella's collected works span from 1980 to 2023 and includes poems that have appeared in chapbooks, publications outside of Australia, and some that are no longer in print.

Praise for the Collected Poems:

"One of the greatest senses one gets reading across the breadth of Kinsella is not plenitude but particularity, a granularity revealed through the turning over of the same materials and revealing how subtle shifts in the way they lie against one another alters the sense of the whole." – Caitlin Maling, Westerly, on volume two of the collected poems, Harsh Hakea

"Works of immense range, from extended lyrical meditations to taut experimental sonic poems and everything in between." – Writing WA, on volume one of the collected poems, The Ascension of Sheep


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