Greater City Shadows: The Story of a Playlist

Greater City Shadows Laurie Steed Playlist

Laurie Steed has specially curated a Spotify playlist to accompany his new collection of short stories Greater City ShadowsRead below Laurie's musings and inspiration behind his song choices and find the playlist link below to listen along while reading.


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"I wrote a book about hope called Greater City Shadows. When making a playlist, I looked to the people who filled my life with that same hope in songs we shared, moments of acute but necessary vulnerability, or tunes placed thoughtfully together by a dear friend in a playlist called 'Believer.'


My friends do amazing things, often quietly and almost always without fanfare. Our deal seems to be that I can show up as me, and they as them, and together, we can heal from all the things that once threatened to break us. May we all have such friends. May we carry ourselves with such love, care and consideration that we have similarly kind, considerate folks as friends and fellow travellers.


The playlist for Greater City Shadows is fuelled not only by hope but also by honouring, acknowledging and remembering the people who made me who I am. Not every song has a direct link to the stories in the collection (although some do). All are an invitation to acquaint themselves with one's emotional landscape, be grateful for the people we call home, and let in our shadows, be these remembered, denied, or embraced, just in time."


Listen to the Greater City Shadows playlist.

Greater City Shadows Playlist

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