Check out some recent reviews of our Fiction, Non-Fiction, Scholarly and Poetry titles

Mysteries of Cinema by Adrian Martin


Turbulence by Thuy On


A Lesser Species of Homicide by Kerry King


A History of what I'll become by Jill Jones


Andrew Bolt, the Far Right and the First Nations by Steve Mickler


Everything Changes edited by Xianlin Song and Nick Jose


Case Notes by David Stavanger


Refuge by Richard Rossiter


Aftershocks by Antony Macris


Rogue Intensities by Angela Rockel


Sky Swimming by Sylvia Martin


Malcolm by Leni Shilton


Sleep by Catherine Cole


That Was My Home by Denise Cook


Crosscurrents by Katie Glaskin


Lyre by Stuart Cooke


The Little Book of Sunlight and Maggots by Michael Aiken


No One by John Hughes


UWAP Poetry


Open Door by John Kinsella


Hearing Maud by Jessica White


Stranded Nation by David Walker


Aboriginal Country by Lisa Bellear


Empire and Asian Migration: Sovereignty, Immigration Restriction and Protest in the British Settler Colonies, 1888–1907 By Jeremy C. Martens


Falling Backwards: Australian Historical Fiction and the History Wars By Jo Jones


Dancing in Shadows by Anna Haebich


No One by John Hughes


Requiem With Yellow Butterflies by James Halford


Typhoon Kingdom by Matthew Hooton


The Old Greeks by George Kouvaros


Stone Mother Tongue by Annamaria Weldon


The Earth Does Not Get Fat by Julia Prendergast


The short story of you and I by Richard James Allen


Walking with Camels by Leni Shilton


The Man on the Mantlepiece by Marion May Campbell


Lucida Intervalla by John Kinsella


Dangerous Ideas about Mothers edited by Rachael Robertson and Camilla Nelson


Visualising Human Rights by Jane Lydon


The Sky Runs Right Through Us by Renee Pettit-Schipp


horse by Ania Walwicz


New and Selected Poems of Anna Wickham


Ink In Her Veins by Sylvia Martin

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