A statement from The University of Western Australia regarding UWAP

Since late 2019 The University of Western Australia (UWA) has been considering the role of UWA Publishing (UWAP) within the larger institution. We received feedback which demonstrated the value of a university-based publishing house. The next step in the consultation process is to capture and retain what is unique about UWAP and design the best possible future form for our publishing activities to broaden their reach and impact and align with the UWA 2030 vision.

This design phase includes a workshop in the first quarter of 2020. Following the outcomes of this phase of the consultation we anticipate providing an update on the future form of UWA’s publishing activity in mid-2020.

What does this mean for current UWAP operations?

During this redesign UWAP continues to operate. In 2020 UWAP has more than 30 books scheduled across a range of fiction and non-fiction genres; a number of titles are also contracted to be delivered in 2021. In addition, UWAP’s backlist of 420 titles continues to be available for purchase through a range of outlets across Australia and online, including through the UWAP website.

While we understand this period of redesign may have generated uncertainty for the scholarly and literary communities, as a university with a vision to create the next generation of global leaders, and with innovation at the heart of our values, it is our responsibility to ensure we deliver a uniquely UWA publishing offering that resonates locally and globally into the future.

Enquiries: denise.mitchell@uwa.edu.au

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  • Pat Lowe on

    On no account should UWAP be closed down. Its contribution to publishing has been invaluable. Its publishing objectives may change, or broaden, but UWAP should not produce solely academic works. A University should feed the intellects of non-academic readers as well as members of academe.

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