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UWAP is excited to announce that we have a brand new cookbook coming soon in 2022. Scale to Tail is a sustainable cookbook for Australian seafood by marine ecologist Dr. Jordan Goetze and chef Paul 'Yoda' Iskov.

Scale to Tail book cover

If you think a fish is bad eating, you might just need to cook it differently! 

While Australians are world leaders when it comes to managing our fisheries, our pickiness as consumers of seafood is putting pressure on our marine life. In Scale to Tail, you will find recipes that will leave you wondering why you ever threw those average fish back. And you’ll find ways to cook with scraps that would otherwise be destined for the bin. Why neglect that crayfish head when you can turn it into something delicious?

"If we broaden the range of seafood we eat, we can reduce the pressure on our more favoured species. Sustainable cooking is a simple way we can play a role in supporting healthy fisheries. In putting this book together, a call was put out to local fishers and guest chefs to send in their favourite ways of cooking unpopular fish. The result is recipe ideas that surprise and delight, inspired by a love of the ocean and a passion for food." - Jordan Goetze

Pre-order your copy of Scale to Tail here.


BBQ XO FISH COLLARS from Scale to Tail



Barbecued fish collars with XO sauce and burnt lemon

Sustainable Tail from Jordan Goetze:

"Melissa Palinka of the Young George is a legend when it comes to the utilisation of waste products. When I mentioned our scale to tail philosophy and how we were promoting a reduction in seafood waste, Melissa responded with, ‘There is no such thing as waste at the Young George’. She then went on to explain how the seafood they use has a primary product (e.g. scallops) and a secondary product (e.g. the scallop skirts), and anything else feeds the chooks. This recipe is a great example—the wings, and almost all of the ingredients in the XO sauce, are secondary products that would be destined for the bin in a lot of other restaurants. While it might be tricky to get the exact ingredients listed here, the idea is that pretty much anything works. If you aren’t game to try cooking this yourself, get down to a restaurant like the Young George that follows these principles. This is the way we all should be cooking."

Download a sample recipe from Scale to Tail here.


Jordan Goetze and Paul Iskov cooking


Dr Jordan Goetze is a marine ecologist whose research focuses on fisheries management and conservation strategies. Jordan also loves to catch and eat the fish that he studies. Luckily, he believes in a balance where we are still able to catch and eat the seafood we love while minimising the impact on the marine environment. His work across the globe, including in developing countries in the Indo-Pacific and East Africa, has provided a unique insight into the different ways marine life is managed.

Paul 'Yoda' Iskov established Fervor in 2013, with the aim of providing a ‘culinary experience you can’t get anywhere else’. Fervor harnesses locally sourced native produce and shares it with diners at unique locations across WA, including saltlakes, beautiful bushland and pristine beaches. Paul boasts an outstanding resume, including experience in highly acclaimed kitchens around the world such as Vue de monde, Amuse, D.O.M., Coi, Pujol and Noma.


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