A Workbook for Parents of Tweens and Teens with ADHD | What Lies Beneath Matters

A Workbook for Parents of Tweens and Teens with ADHD | What Lies Beneath Matters

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Grace da Camara and Madalena Bennett

In What Lies Beneath Matters psychologist Grace da Camara and daughter general practitioner Dr Madalena Bennett offer an empowering self-help guide for parents of tweens and teens with ADHD. This neurological and behavioural disorder not only affects the person with it but also the entire family, putting their ability to be supportive, understanding, and loving to the test. With proven methods developed through her clinical work with parents, Grace and Madalena provide a practical and effective approach to parent involvement in multimodal treatment for ADHD. This book is an essential tool for parents whose tween or teen refuses one-on-one counselling, group programs or lives remotely in areas where these services are not readily available.

Through this self-help guide, parents will become their child’s coach and advocate while navigating the tricky world of ADHD. The objective is to help parents better understand their child’s ADHD, manage symptoms, and celebrate the unique qualities that make their tween/teen special. This workbook offers all the necessary tools to support your child’s success, no matter where you are. As one general practitioner said, “This is a great resource for rural Australia where a lack of services across mental health is often experienced. Parents and allied health professionals alike will benefit from this resource.”

If you’re a parent seeking to support your tween or teen with ADHD and build a better life for your family, What Lies Beneath Matters is the perfect book for you. With its practical approach and proven methods, this guide will help you navigate the challenges of ADHD and celebrate your child’s unique qualities.


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