Fingertip of the Tongue

Fingertip of the Tongue

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Sarah Rice


No longer knowing which is sweeter

the cherry or the feel of the word in my mouth 


Praise for Fingertip of the Tongue

In Fingertip of the Tongue we find a poetry of close observation of people and everyday objects, finding in them new and deeper implications. These poems are sometimes whimsical, sometimes deeply personal, always satisfying. Sarah Rice displays a fascination with form and a great skill in finding the startlingly apt word, the evocative insight. Hers is a poetry of mind and heart.



Sarah Rice writes poems of astonishing grace. To read her is to walk a hill and lose your limp and breathe your grief out among eucalypt leaves and return to your life smarter than you left it. Light and grave at once, bright with intelligence, masterfully made, and written with a musical ear, they dance ordinary days into epiphanies, suffering into wisdom, and they put a reader back inside the natural world, as if they’d never left it.



This poetry collection explores how the self, the body and poetry are intimately connected in their various expressions, while obliquely mapping a personal history of loss, change and rejuvenation. Sarah Rice is fascinated by the flux, flow and harmonic resources of language, and entranced with the transformations words work on the world. These poems ruminate on connections between the imagination, the extraordinary and what is close at hand.



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