The Dolphin and the Spearfisher

The Dolphin and the Spearfisher

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Alton Walley and Richard Walley


Follow Keek and Gidgi, two brothers with a profound love for the oceans and rivers. This coming of age story follows the learnings of these young future leaders in the final days of the warmer seasons.  

First Nations Dreaming Stories have played a critical role in Nyoongar culture, practises, protocols and lifestyles. The powerful messages each experience conveys are timeless and provide a rich, direct and continued connection to the Nyoongar ancestors. This set of stories reinforce a series of life lessons and embed core principles, including respect, sustainability, friendship, family values and equality.   See the other books in this series here. 

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FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 32 pages
SIZE: Paperback picture book
ISBN: 9781760800499
CATEGORY: AboriginalAlton WalleyNyoogar Stories by Alton Walley,