Nyoongar Dreaming Stories by Alton Walley

First Nations Dreaming Stories have played a critical role in Nyoongar culture, practises, protocols and lifestyles. The powerful messages each experience conveys are timeless and provide a rich, direct and continued connection to the Nyoongar ancestors. This set of stories, told by Alton Walley and illustrated by Alton, John and Richard Walley, reinforce a series of life lessons and embed core principles, including respect, sustainability, friendship, family values and equality. Originally published in 2019, Norn and KaardaYonga and Waitch and The Dolphin and the Spearfisher have been re-released in 2024 in a brand-new format!

Alton Walley is a Whadjuk, Wilman, Kaneang Nyoongar man from the South-West of Western Australia. Alton has been heavily immersed in his culture since he was a young boy, being fortunate enough to have access to, and engage with, a wealth of knowledgeable cultural figures.