Norn and Kaarda
Norn and Kaarda
Norn and Kaarda

Norn and Kaarda

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By Alton Walley

Illustrated by Alton and John Walley


In the time of the Dreaming all animals lived together in harmony, except for Kaarda—a strong and ferocious goanna. The animals lived in fear of him and his deadly venom sac. To stop Kaarda once and for all the animals must come up with a plan, together. But Norn, the snake, might have the best plan of all!

Norn and Kaarda, based on a Dreamtime Story of the Nyoongar People, is timeless and provides a rich, direct and continued connection to the Nyoongar ancestors that have come before.


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Publication date: 7 May 2024

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-1-76080-282-0

Rights: World

Category: First Nations, Nyoongar Culture, Alton Walley, John Walley, Children's books, Nyoongar Dreaming Stories series

Edition: 2nd