Yonga and Waitch
Yonga and Waitch
Yonga and Waitch

Yonga and Waitch

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By Alton Walley

Illustrated by Alton and John Walley

Yonga the Kangaroo and Waitch the Emu have been good friends for a very long time. But Waitch has slowly started to grow envious of Yonga’s beautiful snowy white coat. On a sweltering hot day Wiatch comes up with a devious plan to get Yonga’s coat all for itself!

Yonga and Waitch, based on a Dreamtime Story of the Nyoongar People, is timeless and provides a rich, direct and continued connection to the Nyoongar ancestors that have come before.

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Publication date: 7 May 2024

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-1-76080-284-4

Rights: World

Category: First Nations, Nyoongar Dreaming Stories series, Nyoongar Culture, Alton Walley, John Walley, Children's books

Edition: 2nd