This Little World: Presbyterian Ladies College: 100 Years

This Little World: Presbyterian Ladies College: 100 Years

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Susan Maushart 



There is an African proverb that states “if we stand tall it is only because we stand on the shoulders of many ancestors”. We mark the first one hundred years of Presbyterian Ladies’ College in Perth, with an official history of our ‘ancestors’ – students, parents, staff, Council Chairs and members, Principals, Ministers and benefactors who have shaped and sustained one of the leading schools for girls in Western Australia.

Our history is all the more fascinating because it is set against the history of Perth and Western Australia; of the women’s movement; Presbyterian and Uniting Churches and of education. Above all, though, it is about the people who have shaped the School of today – the ones on whose shoulders we stand. This history gives us the human face of so many who, with endeavour and integrity, have contributed to its rich history, traditions and spirit. In reading about them I am reminded of Augusten Burroughs’s quote “I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions” for indeed Susan Maushart has brought to life the frailties as well as the strengths - the human-ness – of the School’s ‘ancestors.' - from the Foreword by Beth Blackwood, Principal

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