The Wonder of Seldom Seen

The Wonder of Seldom Seen

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J.D. Cregan


The Wonder of Seldom Seen is a compulsively readable thriller that takes the reader on a wild ride into Victoria’s High Country.

Miles Jordon is a wanted man. The police are after him. So too is the renegade ASIO agent Robert Wilson, and Greg Sweeney, a violent man whose wife Miles can’t resist.

Only a few weeks earlier Miles had driven up the Gippsland Highway with his dog Roley in search of a new life. Briefly he thought he may have found a way to start over, but is forced to move on and ends up in Seldom Seen – which appears to be a quiet hamlet in Victoria’s High Country but harbours secrets that are deeper than could ever be imagined.


Praise for The Wonder of Seldom Seen:

The Wonder of Seldom Seen is an unusual, but highly entertaining tale that unfolds at a pleasant pace with plenty of twists and turns, and some unexpected deaths… Cregan is a gifted writer, with the ability to quickly bring alive a wide range of different characters.



This debut thriller/crime novel has much going for it. It is blokey, but relaxed about it, well-written and with a crime staple of atmospheric locales.

Book details
FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 288 pages
SIZE: 234 x 153 mm
ISBN: 9781742582887
RIGHTS: Australia and New Zealand
CATEGORY: FictionJ.D. (John) Cregan,