The Other Flesh

The Other Flesh

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Robbie Coburn


Robbie Coburn grew up in Woodstock, Victoria on his family’s farm. THE OTHER FLESH, his second volume, contains many poems whose texture sings of being alone under the stars. Coburn’s world shimmers with light as much as it burns with ferocity but these finely written poems are free from bitterness or anger. Here are two lines that sit on the lyrical scales, being weighed for balance: ‘the night sky is a blank, unbrushed canvas’ and then ‘a muteness that lies down in darkness’.

“These poems contain deep loss and wonder, informed by the anxieties involved with a longing to unite with the soul of the beloved. Coburn writes ‘my flesh starved of paradise’— this book is a record of his successful call to regain it.” - Robert Adamson


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FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-76080-098-7
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