The Native Title Market

The Native Title Market

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David Ritter


The Native Title Market describes and critically analyses the world of native title agreements between Aboriginal groups and developers that has emerged since the Native Title Act was passed in 1994.

The purpose of the book is to challenge the popular and convenient myths that have emerged about native title agreement making. The special importance of the work is that it is the only book to challenge the orthodoxy that is accepted by many commentators, journalists, government institutions, resource developers and academics.

The book is also the first to be written about native title negotiations, by a genuine insider: someone who participated as an adviser on some of the largest native title deals in Australia and worked within the system for more than a decade.

Written by a leader in the field of native title in Australia, The Native Title Market is readable, contentious and assured in its strong claims about an important social, political and legal question in contemporary Australia.


Praise for The Native Title Market:

The book opens up a world that is poorly understood, and reveals a highly complex native title regime where there are ‘no clear rules’.

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