The Children

The Children

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Ida Jessen


Translated for the first time into English from the award-winning Danish novel, The Children is a thriller, a romance, a portrait of generations, and a portrait of our time.

Recently divorced Solvej rents an isolated farmhouse in Hvium so she can see her little girl again. She wants to start over. She becomes indebted to her neighbour, Søren, who is always close by.

Just as Solvej begins to feel happy and settled, darkness descends and she discovers the people around Hvium are not as they seem.

In a place that hides secrets and lies, Solvej must ask herself: when should you step in and when should you turn away?

The Children was awarded The Golden Laurels 2010, the prize given by Danish booksellers to their most popular book of the year. The Children was also nominated for the Nordic Council Prize in 2010. Ida Jessen has previously been awarded the prestigeous Søren Gyldendal-Prize. It was translated from the Danish by acclaimed translator, Don Bartlett.


Praise for The Children:

This is an engaging and skilfully written tale…The novel has the haunting, brooding quality that is commonly associated with Scandinavian stories.



The beauty is in [Ida] Jessen’s eerie pace-setting and imaginative depictions of love gone awry, the interplay of sex, the generations in conflict, mother to mother to daughter, another future, and different versions of the same truth.



Ida Jessen delivers a brilliant portrayal of that which drives the women; not only that which drives them into the arms of men but also what drives them away.



The female characters are warm, fragile and at the same time selfish bitches…It is so well done that you feel like clapping when closing the book.

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