Stewart Scambler: Works 1982-2018

Stewart Scambler: Works 1982-2018

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Stewart Scambler: Works 1982-2018 documents the work of Australian woodfire potter Stewart Scambler over thirty-six years. It charts the evolution of a multivalent practice, ranging from domestic-scale, wheel-thrown vessels to large-scale sculptural works and installation.



"In his working life as a potter, Scambler has lived in various rural locations outside Perth, building a kiln in each setting: at Serpentine, south-east of the city, and latterly, York, in the Wheatbelt region. His work partakes of the physical makeup of these places. Clay bodies are found locally; at York, fo instance, terracotta is dug some fifty metres from the kiln. Wood from the adjacent trees is transformed into molten ash at high temperatures, creating lava-like striations on the surface of the pots. Each object represents a convergence of Scambler's abiding passions - a love of making, of scientific problem-solving, and of nature and its mysteries." - Sally Quin
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AUTHOR: Sally Quin

EXTENT: 124 pages


PUBLISHER: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

ISBN: 978-1-925793-05-5

CATEGORY: Art, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery