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Kathleen Mary Fallon


Based on Kathleen Mary Fallon’s script for the film Call Me MumPaydirt is a confronting and deeply affirming novel that highlights the complex dramas of race politics beneath the complacent façade of contemporary Australia.

In four provocative monologues, each character tells the story from their perspective. There’s Kate, the white foster mother; Warren the son; Dellkeith, Kate’s mother (Warren’s foster–grandmother); and Flo, Warren’s birth mother.

The story opens as Kate and Warren fly from Melbourne to Brisbane to see Warren’s birth mother Flo before she passes. Warren hasn’t seen Flo since he was a toddler and was taken away by the authorities ‘for his own good’.

What should Kate tell Flo about her son’s long history of bureaucratic abuse and heartless disregard? And how can she begin to imagine the pain of Flo and her people?


Praise for Paydirt:

Kathleen Mary Fallon is amongst the most talented writers in Australia.

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FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 176 pages
SIZE: 202 x 140 mm
ISBN: 9781920694975
CATEGORY: FictionKathleen Mary Fallon,


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