Mapping Colonial Conquest: Australia and South Africa

Mapping Colonial Conquest: Australia and South Africa

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Norman Etherington


Mapping Colonial Conquest is a pioneering survey of the role of cartography in the colonial conquest of Australia and Southern Africa.

Rather than depicting objective geographic ‘truths’, Norman Etherington and his contributors reveal cartography to be the product of powerful social forces.

Fiscal, dynastic, military, imperial and commercial pressures determine not only where we see ourselves in the world but also how our cultural, historical and economic identities have developed over time.

Mapping Colonial Conquest adopts an interdisciplinary approach to exploring storylines and hitherto secret histories that continue to have a pervasive influence over both nations’ political, legal, social and cultural institutions as well as their policies and democratic processes.

This is a penetrating study of how the proliferation of maps produced by colonisers have erased, written over and/or displaced Indigenous conceptions of space.


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