Living with your Looks

Living with your Looks

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Roberta Honigman and David J. Castle


In a society where beautiful is ‘good’ and ugly ‘bad’, and where the survival of the prettiest is reinforced daily in countless advertisements, magazines, newspapers, film and television programs, it’s little wonder that an ever-increasing number of us feel insecure about our appearance.

Whether you’re male or female, fat, thin or just happily average, understanding how and why body shape and size is scrutinised is of central importance to how we perceive ourselves, both individually and collectively.

From bulimia and anorexia through to skin picking, hair pulling and even penis panic, Living With Your Looks offers a timely, therapeutic expose of the evolutionary, historical, cultural and social influences on what we consider to be ‘attractive’.

Be it through dieting and exercise, tattooing, body and facial piercing or even plastic surgery, this story of how we idealise particular physical traits makes Living With Your Looks a must-read for everyone who’s looked in a mirror and pondered: I wish I looked…


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FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 140 pages
SIZE: 210 x 135 mm
ISBN: 9781920694951
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