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Susan Varga


Headlong powerfully examines the disruption of relationships and the struggle to reconnect with life after overwhelming tragedy, as a daughter tells the dramatic story of her elderly mother’s desire to die.

Vital octgenarian Julia Denes suddenly loses her husband Gabor and along with him, her will to live.

Her daughter Kati watches helplessly as this once energetic woman, who had survived the Holocaust and made a good life in Australia, spirals into depression and tries to take her life.

Kati tries all avenues to try to ‘heal’ her mother, but worn down, eventually decides the compassionate action is to assist her mother to end her life.


Shortlisted – 2010 Barbara Jefferis Award

Praise for Headlong:

With a raw simplicity, Susan Varga describes the gradual merging of the inner landscape of grief with the life-giving wider world. An unforgettable work, anchored firmly in our times.

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FORMAT: Hardcover
EXTENT: 240 pages
SIZE: 198 x 129 mm
ISBN: 9781921401237
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