Guy Grey-Smith: Life Force

Guy Grey-Smith: Life Force

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Andrew Gaynor


Guy Grey-Smith (1916–1981) remains one of the most important Australian artists of his generation. Featuring over 120 plates, as well as 50 photos of the artist’s life, Guy Grey-Smith: Life Force is the first book about this outstanding Australian artist and his remarkable 35-year career.

Based in Western Australia, Guy exhibited nationally, participated in key international exhibitions, received Queens Honours Awards, and was a spirited contributor and active participant in the national arts scene.

Granted access for the first time to Guy’s notebooks, war-time sketches, correspondence and estate, Andrew Gaynor draws a fascinating portrait of a country boy whose life was first liberated, then stalled, by the brutality of war.

Teaching himself to draw while interned in prisoner of war camps, Guy went on to create some of the most enduring and powerful images of the Australian landscape, redolent with colour, texture and an unmistakable life force.

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Shortlisted – 2012 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards (WA History)


Praise for Guy Grey-Smith:

…an incredibly solid, old-fashioned biography rich in the garnering of empirical data. With the publication of this book, Guy Grey-Smith has suddenly changed from the most neglected artist from WA to the best documented one.

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