Great Western Highway: A Love Story (Capital, Volume One, Part Two)

Great Western Highway: A Love Story (Capital, Volume One, Part Two)

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Anthony Macris


Great Western Highway is Anthony Macris’ second novel following the award-winning Capital, Volume One. It brilliantly charts our troubled journey into the free-market renaissance that has completely reshaped the way we live, and love.

Thirty-something Nick is walking down Parramatta Road’s six lanes of thundering traffic to see his former girlfriend Penny for the first time since they agreed to be ‘just friends’. By the novel’s end, he is racing back up that same road so he doesn’t lose her.

Nick and Penny’s awkward romance is played out against the backdrop of high capitalism and the rise of the digital age. Bombarded by advertisements, slogans, news, wars, politics and consumerism, just a little silence is hard to find. Even in the bedroom with the woman he wants so much to love, Nick’s mind spirals off to other times and places.



Praise for Great Western Highway:

Macris has scored a considerable success: Great Western Highway is an ambitious, intelligent, tender and sometimes exasperating work of art.



Great Western Highway excels as an examination of the contradiction between the need to move on to something new and the desire to cling to something safe.



Every now and then you come across something so strange and beautiful, so different, that you feel as if the big wheels that make up the superstructure of the artform have just shifted a bit. For me, reading this novel was like this.

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FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 368 pages
SIZE: 234 x 153 mm
ISBN: 9781742584157
RIGHTS: Australia and New Zealand
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