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Paul Munden 


Praise for Chromatic

Munden’s vivid, well realised poems range across hemispheres and centuries, embracing music, art, film, historical events, and the potent catalysts of love, illness and death. In these pages our human frailties are apprehended with both a clear eye and a tender attentiveness. JUDY JOHNSON  
In Chromatic, Munden’s superb use of modulation and contrapuntal texture announce a fractured and injured reality, set against the visceral burn of passion. The rich musicality of these poems speaks eloquently of beauty and love, both physical and transcendent. The darker harmonies are often brilliantly jittery in their interwoven and compulsive juxtapositions, accentuating the poems’ silences and apertures. In Chromatic, Munden unlocks the musical performance inside his poems, and the result is transportive and rapturous. CASSANDRA ATHERTON
  In this complex and intricately constructed volume, lyric poems address sometimes difficult, sometimes bewildering aspects of human existence head on, and in surprising and scintillating ways. Paul Munden tantalises and beguiles us with rich evocations of the mysterious and the opaque, reminding us of the strangeness of life and the mystery at the core of what we know. PAUL HETHERINGTON  
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FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 168 pages
SIZE: 210 (H) x 140 (W) mm
ISBN: 9781742589534
RIGHTS: World rights
CATEGORY: Paul MundenPoetryUWAP Poetry,


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