As the River Runs

As the River Runs

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Stephen Scourfield


As The River Runs is a powerful ode to one of Australia’s most stunning regions, from an author who writes with red dust in his veins.

A secret plan is being cooked up to bring water from the monsoonal north of Australia to the south. But Government minister Michael Mooney needs to find out what opposition he might face around the river valley. He sends Kate Kennedy, his young, career-minded Chief of Staff, and political fixer Jack Cole on a ‘fact-finding’ trip.

Ex-greenie Dylan Ward is their guide. Respected by both the mining industry and Aboriginal elder Vincent Yimi, Dylan is unaware that he has been compromised until their journey takes some unexpected turns. But as they travel through the wild river country, Kate begins to see Dylan and the world around her in a new light.

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Praise for As the River Runs:

There is intrigue, romance and bold, well-kitted-out adventure. There is also, intermittently, a good deal of comfortable didacticism…As the River Runs is a fable for our times, a robustly related piece of literary advocacy for ecological and indigenous interests.



Stephen Scourfield’s latest novel reveals a deep love of the region he so vividly describes…It will appeal to anyone with a love of the ‘red country’, and to those with a interest in environmental politics and a concern for the fragility of the Australian environment.



From the first sentence you know Stephen Scourfield has a naturalist’s eye and a poet’s voice… As the River Runs is entertaining and provocative, touching upon every facet of contemporary life in north-west Australia.



Where Other Country was a very masculine breathing out, As the River Runs is a more feminine breathing in. In that sense, both are not only gripping, but enriching, life-enhancing reads.



Environmental politics underscore poetic writing ... it left me in no doubt that Scourfield has a real gift for capturing the essence of a place ... His obvious love for the Kimberley region of north-western Australia translated to an emotionally-charged novel that both surprised and captivated me.

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EXTENT: 336 pages
SIZE: 198 x 128 mm
ISBN: 9781742584904
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