Netflicks: Conceptual Television in the Streaming Era

Netflicks: Conceptual Television in the Streaming Era

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Tony Hughes-d'Aeth


The dead have risen and destroyed the world as we know it. A religious fundamentalist government has taken over America and enslaved the female populace. A woman wakes each morning and is forced to relive the same day, caught in a time loop. In a secret laboratory, soldiers are given an experimental drug to remove traumatic memories so they can be sent back to war more quickly.

These outlandish scenarios are now quite familiar to us. We recognise them as the plots of some of our most loved shows and films. In this book, these situations are treated seriously for what they tell us about the world we are experiencing. In Netflicks Tony Hughes-d’Aeth explains that screen dramas are a form of thought and that the streaming era has inaugurated a new kind of television—conceptual television.


"Netflicks, with its deft prose and helpful taxonomies, offers the reader an explanation for their own unease as a television viewer in the streaming age. The programs explored in the book mirror our own experience of living in a world governed by opaque algorithms and impossibly complex supply chains. Tony Hughes-d'Aeth has offered a generous, perspicacious guide to viewing in the shadow of our myriad Upside Downs." Clare Monagle, Australian Book Review


Series Editors: Sarah Collins and Tony Hughes-d’Aeth

The Vignettes series from UWAP is aimed at sharing the knowledges that are emerging in the contemporary university and that consider the complexities of modern life. Each book provides an image, or a vignette, of a particular phenomenon and how this is being thought through by intellectual practitioners in today’s academy.

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ISBN: 978-1-76080-272-1

PUBLICATION DATE: 1 February 2024

FORMAT: B format paperback, 0.3kg, 165x120mm

EXTENT: 120 pages


CATEGORY: non-fiction, scholarly, humanities, literary studies

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