Reneé Pettitt-Schipp

Reneé Pettitt-Schipp is an award-winning writer and educator living in Western Australia. From 2011 until 2014, Reneé lived on Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean Territories, where she taught English and Art to asylum seeker and islander students. Reneé’s recent work shares her experiences of living in our nation’s most marginal territory, as well as her reflections on returning to the Australian mainland. Reneé’s poetry has appeared in major Australian publications, multiple exhibitions, been recorded with singer-songwriters, as well as performed on national and local radio. Reneé has won or been shortlisted for many literary awards, including the ACU literature prize, the Dorothy Hewett Award for an Unpublished Manuscript, the Grief Poetry Prize and the Trudy Graham Biennial Literary Award.