Gaza: Morality, Law and Politics

Gaza: Morality, Law and Politics

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Raimond Gaita


Following the Israeli Army invasion of the Gaza strip, many Australians are left with questions of law, morality and politics; a minefield of ethical dilemmas to challenge the moral code we live by.

In Gaza: Morality, Law and Politics, leading academics and intellectuals: Mark Baker, Anthony Billingsley, Hilary Charlesworth, Gerry Simpson, Ghassan Hage, Geoffrey Levey and Raimond Gaita provide a fresh analysis on what is arguably the most critical conflict of our contemporary political world.

This thought-provoking collection of essays explores nationalism, intractability, the point of no return and jurisdiction over war crimes.

‘Although all the contributors to this book are to varying degrees critical of Israel’s and Hamas’ conduct before and during the war, that criticism is incidental to the main purpose of the book which is to clarify an aspect of the conflict that underlies disputing accounts of it and its history – the complex relations between morality, law and politics…’ – Raimond Gaita


Praise for Gaza:

Gaita skilfully weaves the moral, legal and political questions over the contentious conflict.



Rarely does a collection of essays work as effectively as a thematic and intellectual whole as do the essays in this volume.

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