Perth: A guide for the curious

Perth: A guide for the curious

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Edited by Terri-ann White


Where do you find a city’s soul? Where is its pulse, its personality? When we walk across the skin of a city, do we listen for its laugh?

Terri-ann White draws together an eclectic group of Perth people in this collection to share their insights on a rapidly evolving city. From an architect’s perspective on heritage to a historian’s ruminations on Perth’s swampy origins; from a walk down streets that don’t exist to Noongar place names; from the union movement to public art to criminal Perth to conversational Perth, this book encourages new encounters with the city. Perth: a guide for the curious traverses social, cultural and political spaces as the reader traverses the streets, kindling a sense of curiosity about a city by unearthing buried treasure. 

This is not a book of nostalgia. It doesn’t posit a golden age or list a series of laments. This is a book about continuities and unfolding narratives. Perth situates the present in the past and illuminates possible futures. 

Perth: a guide for the curious is meant to be thumbed through in cafes, stuffed into satchels and walked around the city like a tireless companion. Perth promises to delight and inspire both visitor and local alike.


Praise for Perth:

What gives a city its charm, appeal or sense of identity and place? When you walk through Perth’s streets are you interested in its history, architecture, public art or just exploring its evolving urban form? Are you drawn to its parks, river and natural environment? Do you know the stories told by Nyoongar elders over millennia now expressed in city place names? If any of these questions pique your interest, you’ll enjoy the latest book from UWA Publishing, Perth: a guide for the curious.

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