Bride Flight

Bride Flight

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Marieke van der Pol

Bride Flight is a bittersweet story of hope, friendship, romance and loss. It is also a story about emigration, and the hope and promise of a better life that the southern lands held after the war in Europe. 

It’s 1953 - Ada, Marjorie and Esther yearn to escape the hardships of post-war life in the Netherlands, and their own pasts. They take part in an international air race and travel to New Zealand in a flight full of other brides on their way to their fiancés.

During the trip they meet Frank, a charismatic bachelor who will come to have a dramatic influence on their lives. While their lives in New Zealand follow different courses, when they are reunited years later they discover how intrinsically their paths have been bound together.


Praise for Bride Flight:

This is a wonderful look at immigrant life, at love and at complex relationships. SATURDAY MAGAZINE   Bursting with drama. THE WEST AUSTRALIAN