Australia Imagined: Views from the British Periodical Press 1800-1900

Australia Imagined: Views from the British Periodical Press 1800-1900

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Judith Johnston and Monica Anderson


At first, Australia was seen as an inferior, impossibly remote, antipodean place, and when the seeds of an independent political and cultural identity did begin to sprout, that identity held tightly to ideas of Britishness—to ‘Home’.

Australia Imagined is a collection of writing, and some cartoons, from the nineteenth-century British periodical press.

The pieces range from articles and book reviews to short stories and poetry, and practical advice to intending emigrants. 

Some of the writers are anonymous, and others bear familiar and illustrious names: Charles Dickens, Caroline Chisholm, William Thackeray, Henry Parkes, Louisa Lawson.

Praise for Australia Imagined:

Australia Imagined is an interesting collection of articles, reviews, sketches and cartoons about Australia, selected from the British periodical press of the nineteenth century… Colonial life in Australia still has the capacity to surprise.

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