Housing Evolution: Towards Better Medium-Density Design
Housing Evolution: Towards Better Medium-Density Design

Housing Evolution: Towards Better Medium-Density Design

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Edited by Geoffrey London with DevelopmentWA


The ability to flex, adapt and evolve is becoming increasingly vital to respond to the challenges our world is now facing – and nowhere is this more evident than in our communities. The way our towns and homes were designed in the past is no longer sustainable and we need to be smarter about the way we use our land and resources to ensure our cities are well-positioned for the future.

Housing design is evolving to address this challenge and this has given birth to exciting new urban precincts that deliver smarter density and diversity, balanced with quality-of-life benefits, including safety, connection, a greater sense of community and, importantly, affordability.

While the nature of housing is changing, the importance of homes and community remains at the core of our society. Everyone wants to come home to a place where they feel safe, connected, comfortable and free to make choices that suit their lifestyle. The neighbourhoods we shape today must provide more housing options and greater opportunity for connection than ever before.

The designs in Housing Evolution set a new bar for residential development in this state, demonstrating what might be possible when we strive to deliver good, sustainable, practical design for people and communities.


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PUBLISHED: 1 June 2023

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