Why She Loves Him

Why She Loves Him

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Wendy James


Why She Loves Him is a collection of twenty-one short stories by award-winning novelist Wendy James. Tales of fugitive lives: dazzling portraits of women and men on the run; from their present, their past, their future – from themselves…

Holding a discerning mirror to seemingly ordinary lives, James captures recurring themes of love, betrayal, passion and guilt to show just how vulnerable and intricate the human heart really is.

Whether narrating from the living room of a contemporary marriage, from the wheel of a desperate getaway car, or while composing an elaborate diversion in 18th century Salzburg, James has the rare ability to wryly comment on humankind with unnerving clarity and precision.

Praise for Why She Loves Him:

This is a gifted storyteller, and these are unusually arresting stories.

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FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 240 pages
SIZE: 198 x 129 mm
ISBN: 9781921401190
RIGHTS: Australia and New Zealand
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