That Untravelled World

That Untravelled World

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Ian Reid


Set in iconic locales around early-twentieth century Perth and WA, That Untravelled World is a bittersweet novel about a young man’s search for love and meaning in a rapidly changing world.

It is 1912, and young Harry Hopewell arrives in Perth to work on the construction of a wireless station commissioned by the new Australian Commonwealth Government.

He is full of enthusiasm about the miraculous new world of possibilities opened up by radio transmission, and buoyed by his growing friendship with Nellie Weston. But when Nellie and her parents vanish without a trace, his world begins to darken.

Set in the suburbs of Perth and regional towns of WA, That Untravelled World follows Harry’s dreams and disappointments through the First World War, the Depression and the years that follow.


Praise for That Untravelled World:

That Untravelled World burbles with excitement and optimism about Harry’s life and the future of the world. Perth comes alive in [Ian] Reid’s hands, and throughout the book Western Australia’s regional towns are deftly depicted.



[Ian] Reid has deftly woven some fascinating WA history into the narrative, giving a very vivid and familiar sense of Perth in days gone by. This history provides a fitting backdrop to a story that is compelling and satisfyingly unpredictable.



That Untravelled World covers the gamut of human emotion, from passion to apathy, ecstasy to dysphoria, sacrifice to indulgence, and love to racism.



This little tome has everything – snippets of Perth’s history, lots of philosophy, a little geography and marvellous descriptions…Ian Reid acquaints us with our own journey into the ‘untravelled’ world of our dreams and aspirations.

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