Kevin Robertson Paintings 1984-2022

Kevin Robertson Paintings 1984-2022

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The latest publication from the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery features insight into Kevin Robertson's practice from curator, Sally Quin.

Kevin Robertson was born in 1964 in Norseman, a town 725 kilometres east of Perth in the Goldfields region of western Australia, on the traditional lands of the Ngadju people. Norseman is the last major Western Australian locality passed through by travellers on their journey to eastern Australia, across the world's largest limestone plateau, the Nullabor Plain. Living in the Goldfields fuelled Robertson's childhood imagination and created vivid memories of the environment. 

Reflecting on his lifetime of painting in 2022, Robertson stated: 'I am lucky that through painting I found a meaningful way to process my experience, to think about the culture I am immersed in and to dream about the future.'

"In 2022 Robertson is returning to depictions of the figure in domestic interiors, in images that are markedly different from the early works on this theme painted in the 1980s. It is too soon to tell all the directions these worlds might take, but the return to the figure is a reminder that a life lived observing, imagining and representing human experience through the painted image can develop its own momentum and forms, that change as the artist's perceptions change, and that also produce new perceptions of reality, made tangible in paint on canvas." - Sally Quin



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PUBISHER: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery


AUTHOR: Sally Quin

ISBN: 978-1-925793-41-3

EXTENT: 132 pages

CATEGORY: Art, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery