Alton Walley

Alton Walley is a Whadjuk, Wilman, Kaneang Nyoongar man from the South-West of Western Australia. Alton has been heavily immersed in his culture since he was a young boy, being fortunate enough to have access to, and engage with, a wealth of knowledgeable cultural figures. He has been dancing and playing music with the Middar dance group since he could walk, performing locally, nationally and internationally.

Alton’s true passions are embedded in his culture and the Arts. This led to him to a Tourism and Australian Indigenous Studies major at Murdoch University whilst working a Cadetship with Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. Alton aims to continue to develop his skills in an array of fields, consulting and penning various projects in the film, television, theatre and creative arts industries. He believes that his strong Nyoongar identity, alongside his passion for cultural representation and education, has guided his journey and aided in his achievements to date.



John Walley

John Walley is a Nyoongar man of the South West of Western Australia. He has been engaged in all facets of the cultural arts since he was a young boy. He took his first international trip as a cultural dance performer when he was sixteen, travelling to London for an International Arts Festival. John is a multi-talented artist who combines traditional and contemporary elements to produce unique artworks with a style that is easily recognised as John Walley’s work.


Dr Richard Walley OAM

Dr Richard Walley OAM is a Nyoongar man of the South-West of Western Australia, with family connections throughout the Wadjuck, Ballardong, Wardan, Yuet and Pinjareb regions. In 1978 Richard co-founded the Middar Aboriginal Theatre Group, which over its lifetime took Nyoongar culture to 32 countries around the world. He has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal and two honorary doctorates for his contribution to the promotion of Nyoongar culture and the arts. In 2010 Richard received the Citizen of the Year Award in the Indigenous Leadership category of the Celebrate WA Awards. A fluent speaker of the Nyoongar language, Richard continues to push boundaries, while always focusing on the bigger community picture of culture, arts and environment.