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Ten questions with S.A. Jones

We put some questions to S.A. Jones, author of a new novel with one of our favourite titles ever, Isabelle of the Moon and Stars, to find out a little bit about her writing, how the novel came to be, and why it was important for her to write this book.

Why did you choose to write about mental illness and ‘the dark places’?

I was unsatisfied by the portrayal of mental illness in popular culture. I noticed a trend towards representing the mentally ill as idiosyncratic but endearing and largely ‘curable’ by love (think Silver Linings Playbook, When Mr Dog Bites et al). On the other hand there was the ‘suicide chic’ trope of, say, A Million Little Pieces.

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Sophie Zalokar out and about in Perth


Acclaimed chef, advocate for eating fresh and local produce, and proprieter of Foragers in Pemberton, Sophie Zalokar is back in Perth and making appearances around the city on Wednesday 3 December and Thursday 4 December. Catch her for a chat about her food philosophy and her new cookbook, Food of the Southern Forests, at one of these events near you.

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