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Carmel Bird at the University of Technology Sydney, September 2016

I was on a bus driving through bushland when I saw, not wildlife, but an Edwardian funeral hearse slowly emerging, almost sailing, out from a track between the trees, onto...

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Launch Speech: The Unknown Judith Wright

Once an artist is established, it takes a brave researcher to challenge what has become the accepted narrative, or to delve into periods the artist has deliberately avoided discussing. But...

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An Interview with Rashida Murphy

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An Interview with Sylvia Martin

Writing a biography is a big commitment to a single subject. How did you discover Aileen Palmer and when did you know you wanted to write her life?

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Origins of Asylum

 While at the Sydney Writers Festival I did a lot of dining on my own. I quite enjoy it: watching people, listening. We are endlessly fascinating in our small differences....

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What do readers want?

‘Historically speaking,’ said one of the visiting publishers at the Australia Council’s 2016 publishing scheme, ‘Koreans read for educational purposes. Only recently have we started reading for pleasure. This is...

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Forever in print, or: Notes on printing and publishing at the time of the Bard

It is difficult to overstate Shakespeare’s influence on language and popular culture. After a while it becomes hard to tune him out; he’s on screen, in political speeches, in marketing...

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An extract from Extinctions by Josephine Wilson

Sunday January 17, 2006 Out the window there was nothing that could be called poetry, nothing wind-swept, billowing, tossing or turning in a streaky sky, nothing other than a taut...

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Small-m mentor: Terri-ann White remembers Veronica Brady (1929-2015)

My testimony is all about care and community. I was straight out of university, after a detour in rock and roll entrepreneurship: wild nights and risky behavior. At 23, because...

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Getting to know Mick: Suzanne Falkiner on writing the first biography of Randolph Stow

Randolph Stow at Adelaide University, October 1957 Collection: ABC publicity photograph: National Archives of Australia NAA One of the surprising things about researching the life of Randolph Stow is to...

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