The Unknown Judith Wright
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2016
FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 350 pages
SIZE: 234 (h) x 253 (w) mm
ISBN: 9781742588216
RIGHTS: World rights
CATEGORY: Georgina Arnott, New Releases,
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The Unknown Judith Wright


Georgina Arnott

Published: September 2016

Judith Wright (1915–2000) remains a giant figure within Australian art, culture and politics. Her 1946 collection of poetry, The Moving Image, revolutionised Australian poetry. She helped to establish the modern Australian environmental movement and was a key player in early campaigns for Aboriginal land rights. A friend and confidante of artists, writers, scholars, activists and policy makers – she remains an inspiration to many. And yet, as Georgina Arnott is able to show in this major new work, the biographical picture we have had of this renowned poet-activist has been very much a partial one. 

This book presents a more human figure than we have previously seen, and concentrates on Wright’s younger years. New material allows us to hear, directly, thrillingly, the feisty voice of a young Judith Wright and forces us to reconsider the woman we thought we knew.


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