Restraining Elective Dictatorship: The Upper House Solution?

AUTHOR: Nicholas Aroney, Scott Prasser and J.R. Nethercote
FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 320 pages
SIZE: 235 x 155 mm
ISBN: 9781921401091
CATEGORY: General Non-fiction, J R Nethercote, Nicholas Aroney, Scott Prasser,



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Nicholas Aroney, Scott Prasser, and J.R. Nethercote

The ideas of twenty-one leading international scholars and politicians create provocative debate in a new book that examines how western nations living under ‘elective dictatorships’ can possibly hold their governments accountable.

Restraining Elective Dictatorship: The Upper House Solution? evolved from a 2006 conference which assessed whether the reintroduction of an upper house in Queensland was needed and viable.

Series authors and political experts, Nicholas Aroney, Scott Prasser and JR Nethercote propose that modern democracies, dominated as they are by tight party discipline and increasingly politicised public service, have become ‘elective dictatorships’. Restraining Elective Dictatorship argues that the potential antidote to ‘elective dictatorships’ is the operation of a vibrant upper house to improve accountability and act as a break on executive government dominance.

To test this view, the book analyses the operations of upper houses across Australian state and federal jurisdictions as well as the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

No other book tackles the issue from such a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds, geographic origins and political perspectives.


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