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Mining My Own Business

Xavier Toby

What’s life really like on a FIFO mine? In 2012, after touring his comedy shows through Europe, stand-up comedian Xavier Toby was broke and decided to take a job on a minesite to pay the bills.

In his memoir, Mining My Own Business, Xavier Toby is onsite somewhere in Australia working in admin to pay off his credit card debt.

Damo, Pando, Jonno, Robbo, Donk, Jokka and Dale are just some of the other blokes earning a crust, attending endless safety briefings, swapping tall tales and ‘missing’ the missus out there in the middle of nowhere. With Xavier, FIFO is not life on hold — it is life in hilarious overdrive.


Catch Xavier in Brisbane from May 9 to 18 with the comedy walking tour ‘2014 – When We Were Idiots’. Tix and more info: http://anywherefest.com/locations/secret-location/

He’ll be in Sydney on Sunday May 25 for one night only with his stand-up show ‘Mining My Own Business’. Tix and more info: https://www.stickytickets.com.au/16950/xavier_toby_mining_my_own_business.aspx

In Melbourne he’s performing ‘Mining My Own Business’ on June 17 & 18. Tix and more info: http://www.thebutterflyclub.com/show/23

Xavier Toby


Xavier Toby is an Australian writer and comedian. He writes for several newspapers, magazines and websites, and has performed comedy throughout Australia and overseas.

Previously, he has also...

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Praise for Mining My Own Business:

… the writing is taut and funny, its narrative arc artfully constructed so that, despite its factual basis and episodic nature, it reads almost as a novel.

— Will Yeoman, The West Australian

Where the f**k are all the pictures?

— Donk

Funniest and best and only book I’ve ever read.

— Pando

Sharp story telling – I hope Xavier continues with his comedy anthropology.

— John Safran




Paperback, 203 x 133 mm
280 pages





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