The Mystery of the Cleaning Lady: A Writer Looks at Creativity and Neuroscience

AUTHOR: Sue Woolfe
FORMAT: Paperback
EXTENT: 156 pages
SIZE: 203 x 140 mm
ISBN: 9781920694968
CATEGORY: General Non-fiction, Sue Woolfe,



Sue Woolfe

In The Mystery of the Cleaning Lady, bestselling, internationally published, award-winning author Sue Woolfe takes us on a very personal search exploring the new discoveries in neuroscience that reveal what it is that we do with our minds in making stories – and what we could do to tell stories that are more adventurously and uniquely our own.

Using the cleaning-lady heroine from her lauded 2003 novel about scientists,The Secret Cure, as a catalyst, Woolfe uses a novelist’s keen intellect to sleuth her way through Western science and autobiography to produce this revelatory must-have for readers and writers as well as anyone interested in what it means to be creative.


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