Must Eat

AUTHOR: Russell Blaikie
FORMAT: Flexi-bound paperback
EXTENT: 304 pages
SIZE: 200 x 225 mm
ISBN: 9781921401671
CATEGORY: Craig Kinder, Food and Wine,



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Russell Blaikie

Must Eat is about classic French bistro food with a modern twist, made with love and top-quality produce – this is one of only a few West Australian cookbooks that features the quality produce that can be found in the state’s South West region.

The book’s author, chef, radio personality and owner of Must Winebar, Russell Blaikie, completed his apprenticeship under the greatest chef in Britain at the time, Anton Mosimann, at the Dorchester Hotel.

Lavishly designed with stunning food photography by Craig Kinder, Must Eattakes us through the intricate world of the most wine friendly food style. Featuring Must Winebar’s two hallmarks – oysters and charcuterie, this is genuine French cooking at its best.


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