Helen Grey-Smith

FORMAT: Flexi-bound paperback
ISBN: 9781742588230
CATEGORY: Art, Photography and Design, Coming Soon, General Non-fiction,



Gwen Phillips

Published: November 2016

Told in the artist’s own words via a series of interviews, this revealing biography of Helen Grey-Smith examines the multi-faceted life of this dignified artist. Gwen Phillips offers us the rare opportunity to listen to an artist speaking her thoughts directly, providing us with a chance to learn about her working methods.

Grey-Smith was an accomplished artist with a lively and cultivated mind. She had lived through fascinating times: of the British Raj in India, life at an English boarding school, design school training in London and then work in England during World War II. During the decades from the 1950s, she and her husband, Guy Grey-Smith, were prominent members of the visual arts community in Western Australia.

Helen Grey-Smith believed that works of art should be able to stand without explanation. This book, linking the progress of her work to her life story, will assist in a deeper understanding of her artistic achievements.



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