From Here to Infinity: The Royal Observatory Greenwich Guide to Astronomy

AUTHOR: John and Mary Gribbin
FORMAT: Flexi-bound paperback
EXTENT: 250 pages
SIZE: 230 x 160 mm
ISBN: 9780980296563
RIGHTS: Australia and New Zealand
CATEGORY: General Non-fiction, John & Mary Gribbin,



John and Mary Gribbin

Revolutionary science duo John and Mary Gribbin draw the world’s attention to the stars with their latest collaboration,From Here to Infinity. Illustrated with amazing still shots and diagrams, this definitive and visually stunning book about the solar system offers a new appreciation of our place in the cosmos.

From straightforward facts divulging the distance between stars and what Galileo saw through his telescope, to broader questions exploring the edge of the universe and how it all began, this exciting guide will appeal to all levels of interest. At its core, From Here to Infinity is an accessible introduction to astronomy that explores both the intricacies of the universe as well as the history of the science.

Endorsed by the historic home of astronomy – the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, From Here to Infinity comes lauded as a highly authroritatve guide.


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