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Made in Australia: The Future of Australian Cities

Richard Weller, Julian Bolleter

How do you creatively plan for a population of 62 million by 2100? Australia’s current major city planning frameworks only account for an extra 5.5 million people. Whether we want a ‘Big Australia’ or not, Australia’s 21st century is likely to see rapid and continual growth – if we want liveable, high performance cities and regional centres we need to think outside the box. Richard Weller and Julian Bolleter (Australian Urban Design Research Centre at the University of Western Australia) offer optimistic and creative solutions for the future with one imperative: what we build this century will make or break our country.

  • Part 1 – Big Cities, Big Ideas, Big Australia: Australia; Visionary Cities; and Visionary Infrastructure.
  • Part 2 – Australian Cities 2012–56: Sydney; Brisbane and SEQ; Melbourne; Perth; Adelaide; Canberra; Hobart; Darwin; and Growing Pains.
  • Part 3 – Australian Cities 2101?: Australian Megaregions and New Cities; The East Coast Megaregion (ECM); The West Coast Megaregion (WCM); and Darwin – The New North.
  • Part 4 – Essays: Living with the Land; Back to the Future; Urban Resilience & Adaptation; Urban Metabolism: A way to make Australian cities more efficient?; Infrastructure: Now and then; New Settlements on the Fringe: Understanding contemporary peri-urbanisation; And now for the good news…; Cities as Water Catchments; Coding the City; and Follow the Money.
  • Part 5 – Designs: Boyd’s Error: Planning’s curse; Infill Precincts; Mean Streets; A National Green Network for Australia.

Click here to read an extract from Made in Australia.

Richard Weller


Richard Weller is an Adjunct Professor at the University ...

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Julian Bolleter


Dr Julian Bolleter is an Assistant Professor at the...

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Praise for Made in Australia:

Where people live is important to their well-being. Under any realistic scenario of the next four decades, most Australians will continue to live in major urban areas, especially the capital cities. However, in the light of emerging environmental economic and social trends the question must be asked as to whether, in a climate change context, the current settlement system will deliver the most sustainable, efficient and liveable outcomes for Australians over coming decades.

— Graeme Hugo, Director, Australian Population and Migration Research Centre, University of Adelaide

Australia continues to be a very complex and evolving social-ecological system that is totally dependent on the health of our natural environments and landscapes for ongoing sustainability. This book brings together the history of these debates and urges all of us to be part of the necessary creative design solutions. Richard Weller and Julian Bolleter have delivered the wake-up call required for Australia’s settlements to be sustainable beyond this century. The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects celebrates this important research.

— Paul Costigan, CEO, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

This is not solely a planning challenge but one the whole community must debate and discuss.

— Professor Darryl Low Choy, Griffith University

A refreshingly ‘big picture’ book…Made in Australia outlines a sparkling vision for an Australia of over 60 million people, living in economically and environmentally sustainable megaregions.

— Craig Allchin, Architectural Review




Flexi-bound paperback, 255 x 200 mm
318 pages





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